1st Stage: The Psyclone Hits
2nd Stage: The Away Team
...... Intermission-- 2.5 Memory Lane
3rd Stage: Time For PLAN B
...... Intermission-- 3.5 Saturday Night
4th Stage: Mmm... like CANDY*
...... Intermission-- 4.5 Who Are Yuu?
5th Stage: Road to the Finals
6th Stage: Another Day, Another $1000
7th Stage: Grilled, Spiked & Steamed.
...... Intermission-- 7.5 Auld Lang Syne
8th Stage: ...Rain Today?
...... Intermission-- 8.5 Statistically Speaking
9th Stage: Worst Case Scenario...
...... Intermission-- 9.5 どんなカンジ?
FINAL Stage: End of the Road-10K終道
...... Intermission-- 10.5 Extenuating Circumstances
EXTRA Stage: Andrew Kondou Has the Final Word.


-- 1. Those who followed my personal journal know that the 10K Commotion webspace was hacked into and coincidentally my HD died the same week leaving me without a lot of the source files.

For a significant time, the FINAL Stage was MISSING the last 15 pages! The most recent backup that the host made was before I finished that story and I uploaded the EXTRA Stage without realizing the end of FINAL was gone.

This is corrected now, so hopefully anyone who was confused about the sudden jump from the fight in chapter 10 to the conference room in chapter 11 can read the FULL chapter now and see what happened there... Many thanks again to everyone who has emailed or contacted me to let me know when something was wrong with the site. You guys rock.

In addition, the original files for Stages 1-4 were lost with the HD, but the site still stands and now (as far as I can tell) the complete graphic novel is readable here. For that I'm very happy! (But if you see anything wrong, corrupted files, etc. please feel free to email me again!)

-- 2. I've moved a few times, and IRL lots has changed for me, but I'm still trying to write/draw regularly and I haven't given up on the story of Miyachi (or MIACHI)! Also I can now be found on deviantART, as tuesdayeveryday so if you see me, say hi! I'm sure eventually I'll run into artists from the old forums and drawing boards :)

-- 3. Lastly, a LOT of people ask me if it's completely finished even though I haven't gotten to draw/paint the ENCORE Stage yet-- which is a tough question because I really want to say "No, it's not done yet", but until I can get a new computer, the software and time to draw/scan and paint it, I can't say when it will be done. So in short, everything up through EXTRA Stage is CLEARED. And if there can be an ENCORE Stage, I'll be sure to post about it wherever I am (deviantart, livejournal, twitter, etc...) Sono toki mo yoroshiku~! :)


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